Megan Downer - Counsellor

Specialising in pregnancy loss and infertility

Counselling Services 

Pregnancy Loss Counselling

The experience of miscarriage can often be lonely and confusing and it  may be hard to find someone who understands the extent of your loss. I am an experienced pregnancy loss counsellor who offers counselling at all stages of pregnancy or following a baby loss  and have an understanding of the issues you face.  Counselling may be helpful at different stages: directly following miscarriage or baby loss; sometime afterwards if you are finding things tough; if you are feeling traumatized by your experience; if you are feeling anxious or depressed, or if you are trying to become pregnant again.

Some people have faced the difficult decision to terminate their pregnancy for medical reasons and this is often hard to deal with.  People may struggle  with the decision, they may feel traumatized,  ashamed and keep it a secret from others making the grieving difficult.  Counselling offers a non-judgemental place to grieve openly about your loss and to heal.

Infertility Counselling

I understand the emotional journey of fertility uncertainty, the physical and medical aspects of treatment and most of all, the significance of the loss. I offer counselling to those dealing with an infertility diagnosis,  under-going fertility treatments or making decisions about treatment options. For those that have reached the end of their fertility journey, counselling offers a place to grieve and heal and explore a future that was different to what you had imagined. I am familiar with the stress of fertility uncertainty on relationships and the differences in the way men and women cope and grieve. Counselling can help couples to better understand and support each other.

I offer counselling to those seeking alternative ways of building families, through egg or sperm donation, surrogacy, embryo donation or seeking overseas treatments.


I offer supervision to social workers, counsellors and health professionals where grief and loss or health services is a focus of their work.